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Please verify quantities on a particular Flavor and Size: quantities shown are a rough estimate.

Lifter Hemp flower strain is a staple among all hemp flowers.  Produced by Oregon CBD, Lifter and its “goldilocks” buds carry a pungent, yet sweet and fruity scent.  Lifter is glistening with an incredible trichome production covering its bold green buds.  The flavor is sweet funk, with a hint of citrus and blueberry, making it perfect for any time of day.

CBDa 18.59%

Total Cannabinoids 20.58%


Suver Haze is a top tier Hemp Flower with a rich and strong flavor profile, something you would expect with a high caliber genetic strain.  Its exotic sour apple flavor is created by farnsene and beta-caryophyllene terpenes that are supported by citrus and earthy undertones.  It’s incredibly smooth and often a connoisseur’s favorite due to its calming effect and lingering aroma.  Suver Haze is a very special variety, providing a relaxed and calm feeling. When you need to relax – truly putting your mind and body in a peaceful state – you can’t settle for a mediocre product. 

CBDa 24.79%

Total Cannabinoids 29%


Hawaiian Haze is a wonderful hybrid hemp strain, with its flowers carrying a heightened aroma of lemon, pineapple, mango and a hint of chamomile.  This tropical CBD hemp strain delivers a smooth fruity taste that is both elevating and soothing.  With its strong terpene profile of myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, Hawaiian Haze is great for social events or daytime use.

CBDa 22.83%

Total Cannabinoids 24.843%


Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower is a Sour Tsunami and ERB cross, that kept the Sour Diesel characteristics of its parents. These dense buds are multicolored, reflecting purple, orange and green hues.  The smell is out of this world, with high levels of pinene and myrcene while the taste is like tropical fruit with earthy undertones.  For those interstellar travelers needing a sweet and sour snack to keep their mind clear for their adventures, this is the strain for you.

CBDa 23.73%

Total Cannabinoids 26.07%


Elektra is a cross between ACDC x ERB and earned *2nd Place at the 2019 Cultivation Classic* and is highly sought after.  Elektra CBD hemp flower has hints of sweet pine with a taste of citrus, just before melting into a deep wood flavor.  Elektra is great for those afflicted with joint and muscle aches, headaches and overall discomfort.  It's the ability to help you relax is sure to put you in a great mood any time of day.

CBDa 23.28%

Total Cannabinoids 25.77%


Special Sauce with its exotic scents of astringent berries, and when broken apart, provides notes of candy, grape, caramel and a bit of skunk.  Special Sauce is incredibly smooth and flavorful, offering a taste that is otherworldly.  Known for its ability to ease body aches and discomfort, it brings motivation to the mind while its effect is calming and relieving.

CBDa 20.44%

Total Cannabinoids 22.58%


Kush- Bred by Sovereign Fields this Light Dep (indoor quality) this top cut Kush grows beautiful buds that are tight, dense and loaded with trichomes.  Kush CBD hemp flower is known to destroy stress with its heavy CBD and terpene profile.  A crowd-pleaser that packs a piney diesel and citrus flavor, coupled with the typical Kush wooded undertones, leaving you relaxed and ready to wind down for the day.

CBDa 20%

Total Cannabinoids 21.3%


Trump - One of the most popular CBD hemp strains for 2019, Trump CBD Hemp flower is popping with scents of blackberry, maple, and a touch of mint.  These light green nugs are frosty and covered in trichomes.  Don’t be confused by the fake news, this Trump CBD flower has earned its name and will deliver the fire you would expect from a top tier CBD hemp flower.  Expect a soothing effect to help keep you calm in the tumultuous world we live in.

CBDa 20.8%

Total Cannabinoids 22.01%