Torch Diamond Platinum Rosin (THCP+B+O) 2.2g - 5pk

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The Torch brand is well known for manufacturing some of the best hemp and cannabis products which are sold in dispensaries. These Platinum Rosin pens come pre-charged and pre-filled with 2200 mg of a one-of-one blend featuring THC-B, THC-P, and THC-O. This is a very powerful and potent mixture extracted from hemp plants.

We are the first retailers in the country to carry these new vape disposables. Enjoy these mouth-watering and uplifting vapor pens in 8 different delicious strains.


  • Blue Dream
  • Cake Pop
  • Caviar Gold
  • Cereal Milk
  • Gassy Taffy
  • Gelatti Gushers
  • Jet Fuel
  • Karma Kush
  • Pink Runtz
  • Tokyo Drip


Product Features:
2.2 grams
Third-Party Lab Tested
Live Rosin
Made in the USA